Welcome to Salema

Snack bars

Sol Mar

Sol Mar is located on the square. Opening hours are from early morning to late evening. They serve breakfast and light meals throughout the day.


Corsários is located on the square. They serve breakfast and other meals thorughout the day.


Agua na Boca

Agua na Boca is located on your left hand 50 meters up the Rua Pescadores. They have an extensive menu which includes portuguese specialities, some must be ordered a day in advance. No seaview but great food.

Tel. +351 282 695 651

Boia Bar

Boia Bar is located on your right hand when you enter Rua Pescadores. It is a beach front restaurant with direct access to the beach.

Tel. +351 282 695 382

Mira Mar

Mira Mar is located on the beach front on the left hand side of the beach. The menu changes regularly and they write it in 3 languages on black boards. For lunch you should try their tapas togeher with Vinho Verde or Sangria. As an evening meal you should not miss their prawns in a spicy sauce. The menu is written on a black board and it changes frequently.

They only have outdoor serving and are normally open from around Easter until the middle of October.

No table reservation after 19:00.

No credit cards.

Closed Saturday.


Atlântico is located on the right hand of the square on the beach front. They have a large outside terrace overlooking the beach and indoor serving as well. If you want to know what you are missing right now, then have a look at their webcam located on top of the restaurant.

Tel. +351 282 695 142

Bistro Central

Bistro Central is located right on the square. They have some french inspiration on the menu. The today's special is written on a blackboard and Bertrand is more than happy to tell you all about it.

O Lourenço

O Lourenço is tucked away on the right hand side of Salema after the bridge when you start to go uphill. They also call themselves 'The Fish Restaurant' and there is a good reason for that. Family run restaurant with Aldina in the kitchen and the father and two sons in the restaurant. The elder son, Paulo, goes diving to catch the fresh fish for your dinner. For lunch they have a cheap 'Prato do dia', today's dish.

Closed Sunday.

Tel. +351 282 698 622


Atabua Bar

Atabua Bar is on the left hand 30 meters up Rua Pescadores. A great place to go for a dring after dinner.

Aventura Bar

Go and visit Karl and Zoe in the Aventura Bar on the left hand side 60 meters up the Rua Pescadores. Try out the different cocktails from the menu and you can check your emails while sipping a lovely Caipirinha. They will give you the access code to the Wi-Fi when you buy a drink.

Clube Recreativo de Salema

Clube Recreativo de Salema is a little bit further up the Rua Pescadores. This is the place where the locals drop in and out for a drink or a coffee to get the latest village gossip. Great atmosphere when there is a football match on the TV.